Research Interests:

  • Human-Environment Interactions and Social-Ecological Systems
  • Conservation Social Science and Environmental Governance
  • Resilience, Vulnerability, Adaptation and Transformation to Global Change
  • Sustainable Community and International Development
  • Protected Areas, Marine Conservation, Small-Scale Fisheries
  • Ocean Governance and the Blue Economy

Current and Past Research Projects:

  • OceanCanada Partnership: Building resilient communities and sustainable oceans in Canada (Role: Postdoctoral Fellow; PI: Rashid Sumaila (University of British Columbia))
  • FishMPABlue2: Governance of MPAs for small-scale fisheries in the Mediterranean Sea (Role: Postdoctoral Fellow; PI: Antonio Di Franco/Paulo Guidetti (University of Nice, France))
  • Human-nature relationships and values: From meanings to mitigation and practice (Role: Co-applicant; PI: Kai Chan (University of British Columbia))
  • Too Big To Ignore: Global partnership for small-scale fisheries research (Role: Affiliate Researcher; PI: Ratana Chuenpagdee (Memorial University))
  • Community Conservation Research Network (Role: Affiliate Researcher; PI: Tony Charles (St. Mary’s University))
  • Development and adaptation of socio-economic and governance principles for marine reserves in the Gulf of California, Mexico. (Role: Lead Consultant)
  • Human Dimensions of Large-Scale Marine Protected Areas (Role: Co-investigator; PI: Patrick Christie (University of Washington))
  • The Role of the Social Social Sciences in Conservation (Role: PI)
  • Enhancing the Governance of Marine Protected Areas (Role: PI)
  • Community Vulnerability and Adaptation to Multiple Socio-Economic and Biophysical Stressors (Role: PI)
  • Project IMPAACT: Building Ecosystem Resilience and Social Adaptive Capacity for Marine Conservation on the Andaman Coast of Thailand (Role: Lead Researcher – Social Component; PI: Philip Dearden (University of Victoria))
  • Migrant Fishers and Transboundary Fishing in the Bay of Bengal, Bay of Bengal Large Marine Ecosystem Project (Role: Project Oversight)
  • Protected Areas and Poverty Reduction Research Group (Role: Fellow; PI: Grant Murray (Vancouver Island University))
  • Lutsel K’e and Thaidene Nene: A collaborative research project exploring the role of a National Park in a community’s development (Role: Principal Researcher; PI: Harvey Lemelin (Lakehead University))
  • Human Dimensions of Insect Conservation (Role: Research Assistant; PI: Harvey Lemelin (Lakehead University))
  • Management and Governance of Indigenous World Heritage Sites (Role: Research Assistant; PI: Harvey Lemelin (Lakehead University))
  • Empowerment through Aboriginal Eco-Tourism Development (Role: Research Assistant; PI: Harvey Lemelin (Lakehead University))